Course Delivery

Lectures present the key conceptual material through discussion and interaction between teaching staff and students. Lectures are supported by readings.

Tutorials are interactive, collaborative sessions in which students attempt to cement concepts presented at lectures with their peers in a supportive environment.

Tutorials begin in the 2nd week of the module. You will be allocated to a tutorial and this will be available online but you may change this if you want to work with a particular person in a group. Tutorial times and locations will be posted on Whiteboard during the lectures.

Tutorials offer you the opportunity to work in groups on a series of tasks designed to apply the concepts that you have been exposed to in class and from your reading, and to stimulate your interest in the course as it applies to “everyday” issues. The key feature of tutorials, as opposed to lectures and individual study, is participation of all members of the tutorial group. Please prepare for tutorials before going to them.