Course Withdrawals

Students who wish to withdraw from a course must submit a Course Withdrawal Form before the published deadline date (July 31 2020). Students who do not follow the proper withdrawal procedures will be reported as having failed the course and charged the cost of material supplied to them.

An facilitator may withdraw a student from a course if the student fails to regularly attend class, fails to complete required course work or fails to meet performance standards as set by the Instructor.

Unscheduled Quizzes and Attendance at Mandatory events:

There will be a number of unscheduled quizzes given during the semester. They will commence at the beginning of the class period and will consist of five multiple choice questions each. The quizzes will cover unit readings for that period from the toolkit and will be graded immediately in the class. Attendance will also be taken at mandatory events for which grades will be allocated. At least two weeks’ notice will be given before an event.