Student Learning Support and Information

Olafika Fellowships and Mentors

The Mentorship and Fellowship provides mentorship support to ALL enrolled students. This services include:

  • a workshop programme designed to help students to access the decision makers in their regional and local authorities
  • free and confidential consultations with a mentor i.e seasoned entrepreneur for assistance with business strategies for a three month period.
  • a mentee-mentor support for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Student Feedback

We encourage your feedback. This can be in the form of contacting staff, participating in course evaluation surveys and communicating with class representatives. Continual improvements will be made to this course based in part on student feedback.

Class Representatives

The class (or student) representative system is an avenue for encouraging communication and consultation between staff and students. It provides you with a vehicle for communicating your views on the teaching and delivery of the paper and provides staff with an opportunity to communicate information and gain constructive feedback from students. It contributes to the development of a sense of community within a department and it adds a further dimension to the range of support services offered to students.

Your class representative’s name and contact details will be posted on Blackboard early in the semester.

Concerns about the Course

We hope you will feel comfortable coming to talk to us if you have a concern about the course. The Course Co-ordinator will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have. Alternatively, you can report your concerns to the Class Representative who will follow up with departmental staff. If, after making approaches via these channels, you do not feel that your concerns have been addressed, there are Olafika channels that may aid resolution. For further advice or more information on these, contact the departmental administrator or head of department.