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Late Assignments

Any work submitted late without the prior approval of your course coordinator and without the appropriate evidence such as medical certificates, proof of family illness, crisis or bereavement will be penalised. Penalties for late submissions will apply at 3% of the total available mark per day late. (i.e., One day late, the individual case study will be marked out of 12, 2 days late out of 9 and so on). The penalty accrues immediately after the time that the assignment is due. “Day” means 24 hours from the time due, and includes weekend days.

Applications need to:

  • Be made in advance of the due date (unless physically impossible)
  • Be made in writing (hand written or e mail)
  • Be accompanied by appropriate evidence (health declaration form/medical certificate, travel arrangements etc.)
  • Be accompanied by evidence of your work done to date.

Referencing Style and Style Guide

For this course the referencing style is APA. The American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style is the required style for this course. All work in which you take material from other sources (lectures, textbook, etc.) must be cited according to APA guidelines.

Here is a link to the style guide: http://www.apastyle.org